Easy/ Moderate Trails

French Pass Trail #651          3.8 Mi.        Easy-           Hiking/ Horse Riding/        Boreas Pass         11,000 -          Off Michigan Creek Rd (CR 54)
                                                                   Moderate     Mtn Biking                                                     12,000            toward Georgia Pass 2-1/4 miles
                                                                                                                                                                                      past Michigan Creek CG where it
                                                                                                                                                                                      crosses French Creek
South Park Ranger District Trails
Trail Name & Number        Distance     Difficulty                  Use                        USGS Maps        Elevation                        Access


Craig Park Trail #608             5.9 Mi.       Trail- Easy    Hiking/ Horse Riding        Mt. Logan            10,940 -         No trailhead but connects with

(Lost Creek Wilderness)         Trail           Loop-                                                      Topaz Mtn            11,100           Brookside McCurdy Trail on the

                                              18.4 Mi.       Difficult                                                    Shawnee                                   eastern end and Ben Tyler Trail

                                               Loop                                                                                                                               on the western end

Hiking Self-Guided

Scenic interpretive trail

off US 24


South Park Ranger District Trails


Puma Point Trail #647           .9 Mi.           Easy                                                        Glentivar             9,500             At Wilkerson Pass Visitors Center

Easy - Moderate

Hard Rock Trail #670              .9 Mi. w/1.4       Easy-            Hiking Self-Guided              Eleven- Mile        8,200-              From Blue Mountain CG (CR 61)

                                                    spur              Moderate       scenic interpretive trail            Canyon                8,400                or from Riverside CG (CR 96) in

                                                                                                                                                                                                   the Elevenmile Canyon

Jefferson Lake Trail #642        1.5 Mi.        Easy-         Hiking/ Fishing/                 Jefferson              10,500-           Turn west off US 285 onto CR 35

                                                                    Moderate    Picnicking                                                       10,700             Drive to Jefferson Lake (8 mi.)

                                                                                                                                                                                        parking lot

Lizard Rock Trail #658          2.3 Mi.          Easy-          Hiking/ Horse Riding        McCurdy Mtn     8,500- 9,500    Access from Spruce Grove CG

(Lost Creek Wilderness)                              Moderate                                                                                                   off CR 77   

Overlook Trail #641              .5 Mi.            Easy-           Hiking/ Scenic Views        Eleven- Mile       8,500- 9,000   Access from Spillway CG

                                                                    Moderate                                                Canyon

Platte River Trail #654          3.5 Mi.         Easy-           Hiking/ Horse Riding/       Hackett Mtn        7,500- 7,800   1 mile past Happy Meadows CG

                                                                   Moderate     Fishing                                                                                   off CR 77

Ridgeview Trail #656           1.4 Mi.          Easy-          Hiking/ Fishing                  South Peak          10,000-           Trailhead begins at Weston Pass

(Buffalo Peaks Wilderness)                       Moderate                                                                            11,000             CG