Very Difficult

Ute Creek Trail #629             4 Mi         Very Difficult        Hiking              Farnum Peak         8,750- 11,200          Tarryall Rd (CR 77) 3 mi. S of
(Lost Creek Wilderness)                                                  Horse Riding                                                                      Tarryall Rsvr.
Platte Springs Trail #626       1 Mi          Very Difficult       Hiking           Hackett Mtn              8,200- 7,800           Turn off Tarryall Rd (CR 77) to
                                                                                              Fishing                                                                             FSR 210 (4WD road approx 4.5
                                                                                                                                                                                       mi. from US 24)


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South Park Ranger District Trails
South Park Ranger District Trails